It is not that there are no blogs or wikis about simulation and PLM, the products of Dassault Systèmes and especially about SIMULIA. However, German-language resources are rare to find. We would like to provide an overview, better a subjective selection of such blogs, later.

Why have we decided to create our own blog in conjunction with a wiki (we call it Knowledge Center)? After all, this requires a lot of effort and time. Our goal is to provide our customers and partners a practical content of high qualitatiy..

In the many years of practice as a user of Abaqus and the SIMULIA products, the user manuals including the examples were a valuable help. But sometimes you have to gather the necessary information from many places in the manuals. Sometimes you need to add additional information about e.g. material testing and hardware from other sources. Also, many published examples are very nice at first, but reworking them fails due to lack of practical information. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and practical information – closer to the user. This means that we will spend a lot of time searching for sources and creating detailed guides. But we are happy to do so.

So, we hope that our blog will provide you with a quick overview and our Knowledge Center with detailed and useful information. In this way, we would like to make a contribution to the meaningful use of simulation in product development.

To achieve this goal, we have assembled a team of experts with many years of finite element simulation experience.

So, now we wish all visitors a lot of fun and much benefit! We look forward to your feedback.

Holger Böhm – Vorstand
Martin Borowitz – Vorstand
Ralf Paßmann – Simulation

P.S. The AI is also just around the corner. Do we still need something like that then? Well, only time will tell…
In any case, we are continuously working on this offer for you in order to soon be able to offer you even more practical knowledge around the topic of simulation, virtual product development and PLM solutions.

Senior Consultant Simulation at systemworkx AG | + posts

Ralf Paßmann has been working with Abaqus for 35 years. He started with the pipe-rolling simulation with Abaqus/Standard and an editor as a pre-processor in the late 80s. Initiating and supporting the migration project to use Abaqus/Explicit as crash code at BMW was a highlight of his work with Abaqus and the people behind it. Ralf has now been back in Abaqus sales for around ten years with the aim of supporting customers in the reliable use of simulation in development processes.